McIntire-Stennis research outlines can serve as an “umbrella” project with a 5-year broad research plan. This funding supports a program of state forestry research and trained forest scientists to conduct needed research under the following research topics:

  1. Reforestation and management of land for the production of crops of timber and other related products of the forest.
  2. Management of forest and related watershed lands to improve conditions of water flow and to protect resources against floods and erosion.
  3. Management of forest and related rangeland for production of forage for domestic livestock and game and improvement of food and habitat for wildlife.
  4. Management of forest lands for outdoor recreation.
  5. Protection of forest land and resources against fire, insects, diseases, or other destructive agents.
  6. Utilization of wood and other forest products.
  7. Development of sound policies for the management of forest lands and the harvesting and marketing of forest products.