From practicing mindfulness to learning how to safely preserve produce, MSU Extension offers a variety of educational resources and programs in food and health.

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What does it mean to be healthy? 

It means tending to our unique physical health needs — whether by managing chronic conditions or embracing joyful movement to the best of our individual abilities. It also includes learning how to safely prepare nutrient-dense meals within our budgets. Social-emotional and mental health is also key, helping us better cope with negative situations and feelings and foster strong, meaningful relationships with others and ourselves. 

Good sleep, access to nutritious foods, supportive relationships — what it means to be healthy is different for us all. That’s why Michigan State University Extension is here to support all the ways we can all live healthier lives and build healthier communities, by bringing the vast knowledge and resources of MSU directly to your community. 

MSU Extension offers programming and resources for: 

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