Visit IAT

Michigan State University has been taking various precautions due to COVID-19. As such, some in-person  events have been canceled or suspended. The most up-to-date information is on the MSU Together We Will website.

Visit the Spartan Statue on campus at Michigan State University.

Other events on MSU's campus and community college partner campuses may also be affected, although some campus visits are still happening.

Connect with the IAT

In light of this, the IAT encourages you to connect with us by phone or using an online Zoom video meeting.

Contact the IAT at or 517-884-7334 to set up an appointment.

You can also set up an information meeting with the program coordinator of the certificate you want to pursue. These meetings may be in-person or virtual depending on schedules. Contact the appropriate program coordinator to get started!

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IAT Information for Prospective Students
Virtual Events

Attendees will learn about the different MSU academic certificate programs, various community college partnerships, enrollment process, and other related student opportunities. These virtual events will start at 6 p.m. and run about 45 minutes. There will be a chance for attendees to ask questions.

Dates for summer and fall semester have not been set. Check back soon for updates.


MSU Campus Visit

A great way to decide if attending the Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) is right for you is by visiting campus to see for yourself. Check out classrooms, labs, university farms, and of the MSU Dairy Store!

Normally, those meetings typically take place in their office but may also include a building tour or university farm. The program coordinators can share information about the program including admission requirements, classes, internships and job possibilities after graduation.

Also learn about College of Agriculture and Natural Resources College visits.

Learn more details about visiting campus on the MSU Together We Will website.