FSHN DEI Statement

Appreciating and respecting all members of the MSU FSHN community and those who visit is paramount to creating a healthy and productive department work environment.  Treating all within the FSHN community with respect conveys a message that all are valued for their diverse and unique experiences, abilities, skills and accomplishments, and that all are integral to the department’s successes. Valuing and rewarding individuals for their achievements enhances motivation and morale. Disrespect toward anyone in the department is unprofessional and not only harmful to the individual but the entire department. As stated in the MSU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, “a culture embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion is essential for all Michigan State wants to accomplish.” 

FSHN Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Diversity includes recognizing, embracing and celebrating differences, while also acknowledging our similarities. We believe that upholding diversity within the FSHN community will make us more effective at achieving our individual and collective goals. We are committed to ensuring that equity – fair treatment, opportunity, and access to information and resources for all -- is inherent to our FSHN culture. This includes fostering respect and dignity in an environment that acknowledges historic and contemporary inequalities. We will be inclusive by building a culture of belonging where all voices are equally respected and every member of the FSHN community feels comfortable contributing their unique perspective to our overall mission as a department.